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When I  was in college, my parents bought me a Winsor & Newton oil painting set, and a wonderful hobby was born. I painted landscapes and seascapes, very slowly (no lessons; never learned any techniques for painting quickly), perhaps 2-3 a year, strictly for enjoyment. Never sold anything.


In my sophomore year of college, I drove home to Boston from school in Pennsylvania with a car chock full of all my belongings, including a painting I had just finished. On the way, I stopped in New York to visit my sister. When I returned to my car after a two-hour visit, thieves had emptied my car of everything in it- except my painting!   Fortunately, I thought more of my work than the thieves did, and kept at it.

After graduation, things like working for a living and raising a family put a kink in the process, but I painted a few more here and there. The oil paintings below are from that earlier time.....

COMPOSITION No. 11                 1974

48" x 48", OIL ON CANVAS  (Collection of the artist)

ALI'S ORCHID                               2006

40" x 42", OIL ON CANVAS  (Collection of the artist)

PURPLE MOUNTAIN                     1968

30" x 36", OIL ON CANVAS   (Collection of the artist)


24" x 24", OIL ON CANVAS (Collection of the artist)

OREGON COAST                         1970

22" x 46", OIL ON CANVAS  (Collection of the artist)

GOLDEN SUNSET                        1969

22" X 24", OIL ON CANVAS  (Collection of the artist)


21" x 42", OIL ON CANVAS  (Collection of the artist)